To promote “2017 Save Your Vision Month”, the American Optometric Association has put together this infographic with facts about protecting your eyes from an overexposure to blue light. Learn more about Blue Light here.  

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner (N.P.) is one type of APRN, or advanced practice registered nurse. What this means is that this nurse has had additional education and training beyond the requirements to be a Registered Nurse, or R.N. An N.P. can provide care to patients of all ages. Other types of APRNs include Certified Nurse Midwives, […]

Physician Assistant Definition

A Physician Assistant (P.A.) is a nationally certified and state-licensed medical professional. They practice medicine on healthcare teams with physicians and other providers. Along with Nurse Practitioners and Physicians, P.A.s are recognized as primary care providers. General medicine experts, P.A.s undergo rigorous medical training and must graduate from an accredited P.A. program. They are then […]

Patient Forms

It can be difficult trying to remember medical history, insurance information, medications and all of the other information that we will need in order to have a complete medical history on file for you. Because of that, you might find it easier to fill out the new patient paperwork before your first visit. For your convenience, […]

Family Medicine definition

Which type of physician is your family doctor? Here are some simple definitions to help clear up the distinctions among the various types of primary care providers. Primary Care Provider (PCP) This usually refers to a physician, but also includes nurse practitioners (NP) and physician’s assistants (PA), working under the guidance of a physician. Essentially, […]